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1:1 Virtual Coaching

Helping Climbers Meet Foundational & Achievable Goals

For beginner & intermediate climbers who want to learn how to train for climbing and set themselves up for a successful + sustainable climbing career.


Prioritizing foundational skill-building, well-rounded athletic development, and self-efficacy.


No minimum grade or experience level. Just willingness to learn & desire to improve.

* UPDATE AS OF JAN 2024: Spots for 1:1 coaching are currently FULL. You can fill out the intake form below to get on a waitlist be notified when spots open up!



  • CUSTOM TRAINING PLAN. With sessions designed for YOU, have the confidence of knowing you’re working toward your goals every time you step in the gym. 

  • APP ACCESS. Your training & coaching, plus videos, resources, and more, delivered through the Trainerize app.

  • ANYTIME MESSAGING. Message your coach anytime in-app for questions, plan adjustments, support, or just sharing the progress you’re stoked about.

  • VIDEO FEEDBACK. Get feedback on a drill, check your form on a lift, hear ideas for a move you’re stuck on, or just share something you’re proud of.

  • MONTHLY VIDEO CALLS. Talk face-to-face for in-depth check-ins every four weeks to discuss your training, plus the option to schedule additional calls as needed.

  • PERSONAL HYPEWOMAN. Maybe the most important part, have someone there to celebrate with you on the good days, guide you through the rough days, and everything in between.


$250 / 4 weeks

Minimum 12 week commitment. 

Need a flexible payment plan? Reach out



How does virtual coaching work?

Your coaching will be delivered through the Trainerize app. Every week you will have sessions to complete, which may include (but are not limited to) warm-ups, technique drills, climbing exercises, and strength training exercises.


Do I need to climb a certain grade to start coaching?

NO! You don’t need to hit a certain grade or have been climbing for a certain amount of time to reap the benefits of training. Your program will be curated to your experience level, so you don’t need to worry about it being too extreme or advanced for you.


How is payment processed?

Payment is completed through the Trainerize app. Once your payment method is set up and your training begins, payment will be processed automatically on a recurring basis every 4 weeks until canceled or otherwise discussed with your coach.

Fill out the intake form here before the seats run out!

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